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Over 1100 merchants from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore operating with BOXS. From small shop to chain store, one POS solution to rapidly expand your business.


One-stop POS system for coffee shops, restaurants, Fine Dining +

POS and Table Management
Online Self-ordering
Self-order Kiosk
Queueing and Reservation
Kitchen Display System


Home appliances, department stores, fashion boutiques, groceries + Efficiently manage your sales system both online and offline.

on/off-line payment
Real-time Sales Analytics
Product Management
Inventory and Warehouse

For Your Holistic Needs

in Sales Growth
With BOXS, your restaurant can experience a whopping 2x increase in sales growth per store! Improve efficiency and customer satisfaction to watch your business flourish.
in Cost Savings
BOXS can help your restaurant reduce labor costs, minimize order errors and waste, saving you up to 50% on costs! Say goodbye to unnecessary expenses and hello to increased profits with BOXS.
9 sec
per order
With BOXS, your customers can enjoy lightning-fast ordering and checkout speeds! With an average of just 9 seconds per order, BOXS greatly improves restaurant efficiency and customer satisfaction. Delivering fast service ensures customers have a great experience and encourages repeat business and referrals.

Operation, Expansion, All Here

Lightning Fast
Quick performance empowered by the effective use of system resources and centralised design
While integration with vast number of 3rd parties platforms is not a problem, our native features can cater most of your needs
Our capability for you to add more features as your business grows
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Quick Onboard
1. Online Application 2. Installation 3. Start Profit
24/7 Support
With our different types of support, you can always enjoy our toolkits with ease
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We are always here to listen and improve based on your needs
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