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BOXS is Sales、Member、Operation、Payment

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線上付款 Payment
會員系統 Membership
Payment Consolidation
Real-time Report
and Analytics
and Discounts
產品管理Product Management (CMS)
媒體庫 Video / Image
域名連接 Domain

Operation, Expansion, All Here

Lightning Fast
Quick performance empowered by the effective use of system resources and centralised design
While integration with vast number of 3rd parties platforms is not a problem, our native features can cater most of your needs
Our capability for you to add more features as your business grows

Grow with your business

A solution to suit and adapt your needs in the ever-changing industries can enable you to act quicker than your competitors always
Effective Operation
Whether you own one or two stores, online or physical, you can manage different sales channels, products, inventory, and employee data through our system. Not only administration and sales can be performed seamlessly, business data is also all in your palm.
Seamless Customer Experience
Providing the latest store information to customers, offering them rewards and customized promotions, and allowing them to order/purchase products through various channels, these are just some examples we enable you to connect with your customers on any occasion and establish a longer-lasting relationship.
Boost Efficiency of Frontline Staff
Simplifying and smoothening store operation processes allows employees to provide better service for customers.
Borderless Expansion
The direction and needs of business often exceeds our imagination, but with our cross-industry (F&B - retail - service) POS and management system, you have already saved yourself from future worries right from the starting line. Want to expand overseas markets? Our boxsPOS and boxsPAY will make it easy for your business to land successfully.

Always is your backup

We shape to suit your needs no matter what business you do

Trusted by different industries

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