Enterprise Solutions

Explore the advantages of enterprise software solutions by BOXS.

All-in-one Modular system

Organise business management processes within one software ecosystem to significantly increase the efficiency and overall business profitability. Advanced tailor made modules such as : ERP, CRM, POS, HRM are available for set-up.

Data and process automation

Eliminate repetitive tasks and workflows by applying BOXS data automation algorithms.

Big data analytics

Datasets are organised into infographics and shown on statistics dashboard. Custom enterprise solutions can be deployed according to the organisation specifications.

Innovative interface

Cross-platform interface supporting all platforms, including mobile and web technologies. Innovative approach for technology application supports seamless API integrations with third party software services.

International scalable solutions

Auto-balancing cloud deployment increase the speed of processing and allows to maintain progressive scaling, while eliminating business operations overloading.

Creating experiences that matter

iOS / Android app support, WeChat mini program.
Complex solutions supporting Augmented reality and mixed reality integration, already have been successfully integrated within BOXS ecosystem.

Industry specific solutions

BOXS intelligent solutions can be tailor-made for specific industry. If you consider reinvention of your current business with innovative approach, our experts would provide you a consultation and demonstrate BOXS technology solutions.